The Time It Takes

The Time It Takes
Released by Oskar in 2015.
The brand new album, a progressive monster with a harder edge. Over ten years in the making, but well worth the wait.




Released by Cyclops in 2004.
A more progressive sound, with tatters of metal and pop. Knights in Armour and The Beaver State became live favorites.




On Dry Land

Released by the band in 2001.
Later released by Cyclops in 2002 with different artwork. The album includes live favorite Culley on Bleekerstreet and was hailed by most reviewers.



Unreleased demo 1999
Nice Beaver's first attempt.
Four songs, Love on Arrival would reappear on the Oregon album.
The others remain a mystery.

  cyclops sampler 6

Saturday Nice Beaver
Released on Cyclops Sampler 6.
A special remix of songs from the first
two albums done by Mike van Dalm
in 2006. Click albumcover to play.

  cyclops sampler 6

A dutch version of the song Timeline
recorded and produced by the band,
for the album ProgNL, to celebrate
10 years of
Click albumcover to play.