peter stel

Peter Stel - Bass, backing vocals

Born 1966, started playing bass at seventeen and hasn't stopped since. Before Nice Beaver he played in 8 different bands in four of which Erik was also the lead singer. None of them were very successful nor existed for a long period of time. But they were an excellent training and learning experience.
Peter met Erik through Peter's brother who played with Erik in a band during high school, some 20 years ago now. After that they teamed up occasionally to form the above mentioned bands. With



the arrival of Hans and Ferry (who Peter knew from earlier cooperation) Nice Beaver was born. Finally a band that proved to last, both in musical challenge as in friendship. Early musical influences: the Police, U2, Simple Minds, Japan /David Sylvian and other "new wave" bands from the early eighties (so none of that progrock stuff). Later on bands like Spock's Beard and Pain of Salvation. Peter plays a Fender Jazzbass and has a Hartke bass combo with hardly any effects. Peter also playes in Leap Day.