corné van disseldorp

Corné van Disseldorp - Drums

Born March 1969. Corné started drumming at the age of 4.
As a teenager he followed allround drum lessons, focussing on technic, dynamics and tightness. He played in several bands with various styles. Both covers and own compositions. His on-stage experience spans over 25 years. His heart lies with rock, he is a real hardhitter.



Corné is mostly influenced by Mike Portnoy, Ian Paice, Simon Phillips and Scott Phillips. He listens to Dream Theater, Alterbridge, Korn, Symphony X, Arjan Lucassen projects, My Favorite Scar and many others. Corné plays a Tama Bobinga Omnitune kit, Amedia cymbals (Patsticks), Tama signature snares John Blackwell / Mike Portnoy and Balbex drumsticks (Patsticks).